Corrugated Board

At Cardboard Boxes Direct, every cardboard box is made from only the finest corrugated board, ensuring that our boxes are strong enough for any task.

What is corrugated board?
Corrugated board is a common form of packaging, made from three layers of paperboard. Two sheets of paper (“liners”) are glued to an inner sheet of paper, which has parallel rows of wave-like folds (“fluting”). This structure allows the board to support strong weights, whilst remaining rigid and resistant. 

Different types of corrugated board
There are several different types of corrugated board, which are suitable for a wide range of tasks.

Single Faced:
With only one liner, this corrugated board is usually found in rolls and used to wrap small items.

Single Wall:
This is the most common corrugated board, used for packaging light-medium items

Double Wall:
Additional fluting and wall can be added for packaging medium-heavy items.

Triple Wall:
When packaging extremely large and heavy items, another layer of fluting and wall can be added for maximum protection.

Paper Types
There are 2 different types of paper that can be used to manufacture corrugated board:

Kraft paper:
The most common liner for corrugated board, this is the strongest form of paper and is perfect for printing and aesthetics.

Test paper:
This is a double layered paper (duplex) and is mainly used for fluting and the inside liner.

Each sheet of liner paper is commonly composed of 2 layers:
Layer 1: Ideal for printing and aesthetics
Layer 2: Provides strength and adhesion to the corrugated board

Corrugated board also has five sizes of fluting:

A = 5mm fluting
C = 4mm fluting
B = 3mm fluting
E = 2mm fluting
F = 1mm fluting

Double and triple wall boards can use combinations of these flute sizes

What are the benefits of corrugated board?
Using corrugated board for packaging offers a range of benefits including:

Cost Effective
The manufacture of corrugated board is low cost, allowing us to pass the saving on to the customer.

Corrugated board can be used for a multitude of tasks including storage boxes, packaging, heavy duty boxes, gift boxes, pizza boxes and flat pack boxes.

Corrugated board can be recycled, making them the most eco-friendly packaging solution.

Protective packaging
The stable structure of corrugated board provides superior protection and cushioning for items during transport and handling.

corrugated board is perfect for printing and promoting your business on every package that is sent out.

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